VirtualRoom 1.0

TrueArt : VirtualRoom is LightWave Layout node for visualizing virtual interiors which can be seen through windows. It should be especially interesting tool for archviz artists who are interested in city visualizations, and buildings realistic visualizations.

Key features +++ randomize interior images +++ randomize draperies images +++ randomize coverage of interiors with lights turned on and off +++ randomize coverage of draperies +++ independent tinting, brightness and gamma for interiors and draperies, with lights turned on and off +++ optional distortions of interiors to simulate not perfectly flat windows +++ the all options in GUI can be overridden from Node Editor +++ compatible image format with old vRoom plugin +++ compatible with LW 2018.0.2, LW 2015.3 and LW v11.0.3 +++

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