Andrew Cross – LW Statement

„I do not want to start a another 18 pages of this thread. That said, I want to say that while I understand almost everything that has been posted on this thread and probably do not disagree with much of it. .. With that said, I want to emphasize that noone at NewTek is sitting around doing no work. The engineers are focused every day on making this the best version of Lightwave for you. I can tell you that we probably want to ship a product more than anyone on this forums wants us too … but our goal is and has always been to make things as best as we can for the users of the application and so have focused on continuing to make this the best Lightwave that we have made in a long time. We could obviously make a lot of people happy and make ourselves more money by just putting it out there but you are fans of Lightwave because that is not how we operate and because we truly try to make it the best product we can often at our own expense. We are not about to change that, it is who we are …“

Andrew Cross,
President and CTO,

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