OD Houdini Shelf Tools

+++ Eine ausführliche Video-Einführung in die OD Houdini Shelf Tools*, die den Workflow zwischen Houdini und Lightwave 3D erleichtern sollen +++ *Neues kommerzielles LW-Toolset von Oliver Hotz .. +++

+++ Export Particles to Lightwave’s .pfx format +++ Export OBJ with automatic Scene/Object Replacement Setup +++ Export OBJ Sequences with Motion Vectors can be exported for Motionblur in Lightwave (LW2019) +++ For Lightwave to compute the motion blur, db&w’s Vector Motion blur is required +++ For Object Sequences to work with motion blur, Lightwave 2019 is required +++ MDD Export LW Import allows the easy object/animation transfer to Houdini +++ OD Copy/Paste (Easy exchange of geometry with other applications (not just Lightwave) +++ Primarily geared for Lightwave artists .. +++

*Quellen : origamidigital.com / vimeo.com