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  1. Octane 3 has arrived.

    OctaneRender 3 is now available from our shop page, with pricing in USD.
    All the plugins will be released as soon as possible.

    Are there any special offers?

    Yes, there is special limited-time combo upgrade discount available, you can find out more here. This offer is hard to beat, so we recommend you take advantage of this limited opportunity and upgrade now.

    The combo upgrade may be purchased whether or not the V3 plugin is currently available. This ensures that no-one misses out on this great combo upgrade deal.

    Please note; you can use V3 licenses to activate V2 versions of OctaneRender and the plugins.


  2. Octane AI Video .. von Jules Urbach
    Octane AI Temporal Denoiser – Update 3!
    This is our first AI denoising example showing AI denoiser on video frames. There is very little flicker – very promising!
    This sample has 120 frames of animation.
    This was part of my #UniteAustin presentation covering Octane and Unity Integration roadmap for 2017.2+


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