Aus historischen Aufnahmen fertigte Robbie Mueller diese 3D-animierte Fotomontage für eine Doku zur Geschichte des türkischen Nationalgetränks ‚Raki‚. Bei der Video-Produktion kamen neben Lightwave auch After Effects und Photoshop zum Einsatz. ..

*Quellen : vimeo.com / wikipedia.org

Ein Gedanke zu “Raki-Doku

  1. Via FB ergänzt Robbie : „.. and after i finished .. i discovered that there is a script for creating mapped planes with images .. hehe ..

    Images To Planes v1.8 (fourth from top) :

    it ^ creates planes facing Z-axis including UV for all the loaded images in modeler, keeping their propotions. lotsa options. ..“

    tuto :

    „.. if you have seperate images for ‚color‘ and ‚alpha‘ with consistent filenames like for example ‚doggy01‘ and ‚doggy01_A‘ (the alpha mask), the plugin can also map the transparency channel automatically. sweeeeet… i wish it could also split off the alpha contained in an image and do its thing, but hey… still awesome.“

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