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+++ Max Zeta berichtet von dynamischen Fell & Haar Übungen in LightWave: „So langsam begreife ich den Haar-Workflow von FiberFX mit Dynamics zwischen Modeler und Layout. Bei diesem Test sind es 1.000 Basis-Guides (für die Dynamik), die fortgeschrittenen Frisuren (bei denen ich FFX benutze) haben 10.000 Guides und insgesamt 200.000 generierte Einzelfasern ..“ +++

Avanzando con otro test de guias con dinamicas aplicadas. Ya voy entendiendo el workflow de pelo largo, entre Modeler y…

Gepostet von Max Zeta am Donnerstag, 6. August 2020

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  1. Max Zeta‎

    FiberFX: Long hair test, based on deformed guides by dynamics.
    I used the DragNetwork tool and Strand Tool a lot, a combination of them would be an excellent tool for styling hair.
    The images are with pHair and Hair.

    Long hair creation process.
    1- creation of guides in key polygons of the head.
    2- Once the dynamics have been calculated, with the use of the DragNetwork tool and Strand Tool, the guides are arranged until they have the desired shape.
    3- The FFX is reopened in modeler and new guides are added based on the previous ones as references. But this time one in each polygon of the head. (Important note, FFX generates 1 polygon of 1 vertex that does not have to be moved from its position when editing or it will give an error)
    4- Add more guides, here I edit about 1000 guides, what must be verified is the interpolation that it generates between the guides.
    5- Generate 10,000 or 15,000 base guides for the hair.
    6- In Layout in FFX use around 10 fibers per guide on a scale of 1 to 2.5cm.
    That’s it!

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