MakingOf „Pinball Wizard“

+++ Das Team der britischen Eggbox Studios zeigt einen Breakdown seiner „Pinball Wizard“ Intro-Produktion für eine Champions-League-Sportsendung +++ Alle Aufnahmen wurden mit Lightwave 3D erstellt und mit Octane gerendert +++ Weitere Werke im YT-Channel +++

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  1. Matt Knott hat einen Link geteilt.

    Happy to share this promo toolkit we did for BT Sport. Great work and help from Louis Du Mont, Ben Austin, Steve Bjorck and Simon Smalley

    We worked with BT Sport to put together a promo toolkit for the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League season. The idea was to make a pinball table filled with illustrations of players and personalities from the teams in the competition, with frenetic animation to capture the excitement and unpredictablility of the Champions League. We explored a few looks but the 80s style was the chosen route.
    The toolkit enabled the internal team at BT Sport to easily swap out illustrations to customise promos for different teams/matches, and the client was extremely happy with the results.
    This montage shows a selection of the 3d shots that we created.

    3d: Matt Knott, Louis du Mont, Ben Austin, Steve Bjorck, Simon Smalley
    Art Direction: Matt Knott
    Director: Laurie Smith

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