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  1. Falls nichts mehr dazwischen kommt, plant Viktor die Veröffentlichung von LWcad LITE am kommenden Montag. Dann kann es weitergehen mit der Entwicklung von LWcad 5.3 ..

  2. Viktor
    posted Today at 1:01 am

    Hello guys!

    Because some people are getting a wrong idea that we are drifting from LightWave,
    I have decided that it is right time to inform you about our current status and our long term plans with LWCAD specially LigthWave version.

    LWCAD LITE(Max,C4d) versus LWCAD (LightWave).
    As you have noticed we are heavily updating LWCAD Lite version while LW version seems to be dormant. This is absolutely not true. Because everything what we are changing in max-c4d version is simultaneously changed also in LW version.
    Our goal is to put all platforms into single installer, and synchronize release period and versioning.
    This is almost done, only last thing remains is synchronize licensing.
    There will be just one more separate update of LWCAD 5.3(LW) and then there will be only one LWCAD.
    No more confusion!

    LWCAD 5.3 update (LightWave).
    This update is scheduled for release by the end of this year. Beta phase will start soon, probably in a month.
    No big changes, just couple new tools and fixes.
    Most important will be a new licensing system same as in LITE version. We will discuss it more during next beta phase.
    And this is what I am most afraid, and we will need your help to test this properly.
    There is also new NURBS segment types. I was replacing some critical math in order to continue with NURBS tools.
    So we will need your help (betatesters) to test all existing tools properly.

    wtools3d.com versus lwcad.com.
    We are moving everything to new lwcad.com site.
    But this process is not yet finished, mostly because of licensing system.
    So at this moment everything related LWCAD (LW) version is still active on wtools3d.com.
    Download, help, support, activation is still on wtools3d.com.
    But you can already use Forum and Buy page is also redirected to new site.

    LWCAD long term plan.
    Our long term plan with LWCAD is to finish NURBS modeling tool-set to be able to substitute workflow similar with Rhinoceros.
    Big focus is of course on archviz pipeline based on NURBS.
    My personal goal is to create complete pipeline for archviz which will be the most efficient in the industry.
    We are not planning any more ports at this moment, current list of LW,Max and C4D is far enough to cope with at this moment.
    But if there will be any next port planned it will be probably Unreal Engine.

    Thank you for your attention.
    And see you (betatesters) in a month! smile


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