Star Trek Discovery – 4K Title Sequence

+++ Dieser hochaufgelöste StarTrek-Discovery-Vorspann wurde von NeonVisual mit LightWave 3D und After Effects produziert +++ Vielleicht stellenweise ein µ übertexturiert, trotzdem ein visuelles Schmankerl +++ FULL SCREEN / VOLLBILD und los gehts! +++

+++ NeonVisual : „What might have been… I had hoped for STD to be in line with the shows it’s a prequel to, but instead got unwatchable formulaic hipster garbage. Well this is me trying to align it to it’s legacy instead of just sitting around bitching about it. I think it’s the only project I’ve ever worked on that I’m glad it is over, rather than being proud of the production. It was sat 80% complete since November, so I’ve just re-purposed a shot from the Voyager 4K intro and added the title card to get it finished. Ultimately it’s for Trek fans, rather than STD fans. A tiny slither of what I and many others hoped we would be getting with the latest installment of TV Trek. meh. I was fortunate enough to have been able to source some excellent quality models and a sound track. Produced in Lightwave 3D and Adobe After Effects. Not for re-upload. Soundtrack „Immortal Star“ – Harry Lightfoot. Modified Discovery model – David Metlesits. Drydock model – Matt Christou.“ +++

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