+++ Glycon ist ein externes, einfaches VR-MoCap-Tool (derzeit in Entwicklung), mit dem animierte Bewegungsabläufe in 3D-Programme, wie LightWave oder Unity, exportiert werden können .. +++

+++ „First week only: Glycon will retail at $399, but early adopters who buy in now will pay only $99“ +++

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  1. Chilton Webb :

    I created Glycon for my own games and short movies. Since I’m turning it into a commercial product though, I’d like to get your thoughts on it, and what I could add that would help you with your own animations!

    Glycon lets you use your VR rig to create instant mocap data, perfect for games and computer animations. This is a preview of Beta 6, going out today.

  2. Glycon (test import into LightWave 2018) by hawaiifilmschool +++
    This is just a quick test showing Glycon mocap data imported into a rigged character in LightWave 2018. A tutorial should be coming shortly explaining the exact steps. The Glycon program allows you to use a virtual reality character to capture motion data that can be used in your 3D characters.

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