TimeRide VR + Breakdown

[OT] TimeRide VR stellt eine neue Attraktion für Touristen und Kölner Bürger dar, inklusive einer einzigartigen VR-Erfahrung +++ Höhepunkt der aktuellen Ausstellung ist eine 15-minütige Straßenbahnfahrt durch die digital nachgebaute Kölner Altstadt zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts +++

+++ Auftraggeber : TimeRide GmbH +++ Agentur : Agency for Virtual Reality +++ CGI Produktion : Ground Studios GmbH +++ MakingOf by Ronen Bekerman +++

*Quellen : digitalproduction.com / ronenbekerman.com / vimeo.com / timeride.de

OctaneRender – Test build RC1


Otoy Info & Dowload

+++ Hi! This is a new test build of the OctaneRender™ 3.0 for LightWave™ plugin version, available for LightWave 10.1, 11.6, 2015.3 and 2018.0 Windows x64 and OSX. This build is compiled using the Octane 3.08 RC1 core +++ Apologies for the delayed release, especially for the delay of the first proper plugin build for LightWave 2018. It wasn’t planned, but with this release, we should be back to the normal release schedule +++


Notes: +++ Since we have to use CUDA toolkit 9.1 for that, you may have to update your graphics driver +++ The Windows plugin is now compiled using Visual Studio 2015. If you have problems to add the plugin to the Layout, try again after installing the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/downloa … x?id=53840 +++ In LightWave 2018, all the image files must be written from the passes node, even the beauty pass currently. The support of the new LightWave 2018 buffers system will be studied for an upcoming release, along with some other 2018 features, like the new volumetrics system +++

*Quellen : facebook.com / otoy.com